may 5, 2019 • monroe, CT 


Registration ends 5/3 at midnight.


Run the race that gives you the power to win! Runners are divided into 5 equal teams called “Tribes." Whatever your speed, you count in the ultimate race outcome as your Tribe competes for victory. Awards for individual runners (just like a "normal 5K") and entire Tribes, too!

 Choose your Tribe, 

 feel the vibe! 

No need to build a team. There's a Tribe already made for you. Be part of something bigger – choose your Tribe and feel stronger and more connected on race day.

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 Run a trail to your 

 inner awesomeness. 

Through trails & trees, over bridges, around Great Hollow Lake and back. You'll finish stronger than you started.

Build your Momentum. Register today.

In the 5 Tribes legend, The Momentum is the invisible force that powers and inspires every runner... not just on the race course, but on all paths in life. Each and every one of us can channel The Momentum to achieve healthy action and personal growth.


There's power within us all. Running the 5 Tribe™ 5K helps you connect to your inner hero and other runners too. Together we are stronger. Choose your Tribe and feel the vibe! 

 One race, 2 ways to win. 

It's a "normal 5K"...

Run it like you would any other 5K. Your pace, your style, nothing holding you back. You're part of the Tribe, but you don't need to stick together. Awards are given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall individuals.

...with a powerful new vibe!

Enjoy the race on a whole new level, knowing that your best also brings out the best in other runners. You'll be helping everyone experience the thrill of competition. Awards are given to entire winning Tribes.


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