It's the 5K that brings out  
 the hero in you. 

Run the 5K where every runner matters.

There's a great power inside you. You are a hero when you run. Whatever your pace, first or last across the finish line, you strive to be more with every stride. The 5 Tribe™ 5K helps you tap into your power. Be part of something bigger. Run with purpose. Feel more connected to yourself and others as you compete in your Tribe's quest for victory.

Other 5Ks award only 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

The 5 Tribe 5K is different.

All runners are grouped into 5 equal Tribes, and victory is distributed throughout the entire field of participants. It's a racewide celebration of your effort... more empowering, more satisfying, more fun!

Here's how it works:


Choose your Tribe

Join River, Fire, Sky, Stone, or Spirit, and come together as one in the quest for victory on race day.


Run at your pace

You don't need to stick together in a pack. Your individual times will all be added up together at the end of the race.


Best Tribe time wins!

The Tribe with the lowest average time wins... and that means you win! You helped your Tribe earn it.

 Any runner, first or last, can 

 make the difference in a 

 victory for the entire Tribe! 

Feel the strength of togetherness.

Since every Tribe member matters for the win, you'll be cheering each other on for strength and support. You might not know anyone at the start of the race... but by the end, you'll feel the power of the Tribe. It's a race experience like no other!

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