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5 Reasons to Run the 5 Tribe 5K

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Need a good reason? Here are five :)

So... you heard about this new 5 Tribe 5K, or clicked a 5 Tribe Facebook ad, or accidentally stumbled across this site while researching tribal tattoos for your doctorate in anthropology, and now you're wondering, "Hmm, sounds cool. Should I do this thing?"

The simple answer is yes. The simple-but-more-convincing answer is, yes, and here are 5 excellent reasons why:

1. You want to try something different. Maybe you've run a hundred 5Ks, or maybe you want to run your first. Maybe you've never run a trail race but always wanted to try, or maybe you're already a wily woods veteran. Whichever way, it's now 2019 and you're ready for something new and exciting. For you, the 5 Tribe 5K offers an experience that other races don't – a race where every runner truly matters in the outcome. It's a whole new vibe... so if you're tired of the "same old same old", head to the starting line for a unique race day.

2. You'll feel empowered. Most races define "winners" as people who finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd. The 5 Tribe 5K knows there's a winner in every runner. You are an important member of your Tribe, and whatever your pace, you have the power to make a difference in the outcome of the entire race. Experience the extra energy, strength and motivation, knowing that your effort counts for something real – the chance to contribute to your Tribe's ultimate victory. It's more empowering, more meaningful, and just plain more fun!

3. You'll feel connected. You're a valued member of the running Tribe, and the 5 Tribe 5K knows that. It's the 5K that brings runners together to applaud each other's effort and cheer each other on. While victory is the goal, it's also about celebrating the bond over this crazy running thing we all love to do. Connect before the race on Strava and Facebook to trade encouragement, training tips or even a simple hello. Connect on race day as you give and get support from your Tribe throughout the race. Then continue connecting after the race, too – think of your Tribe as a mini running club that can help facilitate your running goals.

4. The course is pretty darn awesome. If you've never been to Wolfe Park in Monroe, you're in for a treat. And if you've been there before, you'll be happy to know that the race takes you through all the best parts – down the forested Hiking Trail from the East Side Entrance, around Great Hollow Lake, across the Pequonnock River footbridge, and through the green single-track trails hidden about. It's the perfect mix of trails and paved footpaths, and the only 5K course of its kind through Wolfe Park, all on a great spring day in May.

5. The race date is NOT Mother's Day. Speaking as someone who has been burned by accidentally signing up for races on Mother's Day in May (necessitating a tough explanation to non-running family members), I can assure you that the 5 Tribe 5K is safely scheduled for May 5, 2019 – a full week before your special plans for breakfast in bed.

So... how does that sound? I hope you're convinced, and I'll see you there! Choose your Tribe and register today.

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