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Do You Know RFP?

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

It's a powerful force. Here's what it means.

In the Legend of the 5 Tribes, the mysterious power that keeps the universe moving is called The Momentum. But there's another equally vital force that every runner should know.

It's the force we call RFP.

RFP is one of those amazing lessons that running can teach us – the kind that cross over into our non-running lives to make us stronger, sturdier, better prepared.

Life can be a challenge. Often our personal goals and ambitions demand discipline and the will to finish, along with the ability to ignore the voice in your head that will shout, “You can’t do this! Give up!” Talk to any extreme runner who’s completed a 100-mile ultra marathon and they’ll tell you this: Somewhere in the middle, you are going to feel hopeless. Utterly defeated. Beaten by the task. In total shutdown, body and spirit, ready to quit.

That's a feeling I think we can all identify with, whether we're running 100 miles or 5K, or just trying to get through a bad day.

But there's a secret to finishing what you begin.

And it works for everything – a 5K race, a workout, a lifelong dream. In your dire moments, grab hold of yourself and remember 3 simple letters.


Relentless Forward Progress.

Relentless. Don’t stop, no matter what, no matter how negative you feel.

Forward. Keep on going, one foot in front of the other. Speed doesn’t matter. Take tiny steps if you need them. Crawling is fine, too. Don’t judge the output or the pace. Give yourself permission to move inches at a time, as long as you’re moving ahead.

Progress. With even the slightest nudge forward, you are in the process of arriving at your goal. It’s inevitable. Gradually, the bleak middle miles will stack up behind you, and the mental pendulum will swing back in your favor. You begin to visualize your success. You begin to believe. And you will get there.

So there you have it. RFP. That’s the secret. Nothing too fancy – but honestly, I repeat it to myself all the time when I’m struggling, and it bolsters me. Try it out, see how it works for you. Say it to yourself the next time you’re feeling stuck:

“RFP.” For runners and everybody else.

See you at the finish line!




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