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Feeling the Tribe Vibe

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Runners know it. Runners love it. Welcome to the 5K created for you.

Have you ever struggled late in a race? And then suddenly...

... another runner pulls alongside you and chuffs between breaths: "Good work... we're close... we got this..." And wow, just when you were feeling alone and discouraged and ready to drop, everything changes. You feel it happen, an unexpected surge of strength and belief, just enough to dig deep and finish, because someone else lifted you up.

Or have you ever been the one to give that gift...

... offering words of encouragement to other runners on the course, or hanging out at the finish line to cheer for the final finishers? Because no matter their times, you know they battled just as hard as you, and their personal accomplishments deserve celebration.

Whichever end you've been on, both are such powerful experiences. In that moment you feel connected. Because you are all runners. You all understand. You all belong.

That's the Tribe Vibe. Now there's a race built on that great feeling.

The 5 Tribe 5K is for everyone who believes in the power of running. For everyone who knows that running makes us great and connects us all as we strive to be our best.

Enjoy the 5 Tribe 5K like you would any other 5K. Run your pace, go for your goals. Individual awards and PRs may await you. But there's another reward, too. It's the connection and the power you'll feel as a member of your Tribe – the strength of others when you need it, and sharing your own strength to help others be heroes, too.

So thanks for being part of something bigger, and thanks for sharing the Tribe Vibe with us on May 5th. Register today, and we'll see you there!



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